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We are excited you are coming to Williamsburg and we hope you will consider Retro’s good eats! as a possible food venue. We are adjacent to the Historic Area and the College of William and Mary, located on the north side of Merchants Square. There are bus drop off/pick up locations nearby, which you will see on the adjacent map.

Below, you will find suggestions for “prix fixe” menus which your groups can use for budgeting purposes.

Giving us advance notice of your arrival will ensure that we have extra help available to speed the process and give you the best service.

The best time to bring in a group for lunch is between 11:00 a.m. and noon, or after 1:30. We are a perfect choice for dinner for groups going on an evening Ghost Tour and with our freshly Frozen Custard and  five Sundaes, a great dessert choice any time of day!

As in the past, groups with an advance reservation will receive one $5 credit for a group of 25 or more members, which can be applied to the bill, or to treat their driver, guide, etc.


Prix Fixe Menu 2018


All pricing includes tax:


For $10

Hot dog*, fries, fountain soda

Corn Dog, fries, fountain soda

Grilled Cheese, fries, fountain soda

Hamburger*, Fries, fountain soda

Cheeseburger*, Fries, fountain soda

Chicken Nuggets, Fries, fountain soda

Chicken Caesar Salad, fountain soda

Retro’s Famous Veggie Chili* Fries, fountain soda  *Gluten Free.  If there is a severe gluten allergy, be advised we do put breaded products in the fryer and can substitute with cole slaw as a side.


*price includes 2 standard toppings plus ketchup.  Standard toppings are:Mustard, onion, lettuce, pickle, relish, mayo, spicy mustard, BBQ sauce, Jalapenos


1-16oz soda: Choice of iced tea,Coke,Diet Coke,Sprite,Mr.Pibb,Orange


For an additional $2

Small size Frozen Custard cone or cup (vanilla, chocolate or swirl)


For an additional $5

Standard Milkshake (chocolate or vanilla)


Groups wishing to use the above options are to give advance notice of how many meals they will be purchasing. Group members will place their order at the counter individually.  The manager will run the credit card or apply the company check or cash to the bill.


If including custard, when your group arrives, the group leader will be given a colored ticket for each child. It is up to the group leader to ensure each child gets their dessert ticket.  After their meal they can return to the pickup end of the counter and trade their dessert ticket for a cup of frozen custard (Chocolate, Vanilla or Swirl).


Due to the nature of pre-charging, we cannot make variations to these menu items.


All groups can, of course, still order from the full menu if they wish and pay on site either individually or as a group tab.  With many groups, each child comes with a $10 or $20 bill and orders directly from the menu. If paying as a group, the group leader may specify a predetermined dollar limit.


Reservations must be made by email to


Please don’t hesitate to call if you have particular group food needs we might address.



All prices are inclusive of tax.  Tips are optional.

Prices are subject to change


The menus are available for lunch and dinner.  We are open daily 11 am -8 pm.


It is our goal to enhance your group’s Williamsburg experience and to assure that they enjoy a meal at Retro’s that is Fast, Delicious and Affordable!



Retro’s has 70 seats in the dining room and 12 outside. While this may seem limiting to some groups, we have a great deal of experience in turning groups. As there is much to do right outside our door, if you have multiple busloads, you might consider staging your group into sub-groups of around 30. Group members are to line up at the register. We ask that you not take a seat until you have received your food. When you have finished eating, we ask that you vacate your seat so that it can be used by others. There is shopping on the street. If you are loading on to your bus after dining, the bus can pull up on North Boundary Street (around the corner) .



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